19th Inuit Studies Conference
Quebec City, October 29 - November 1, 2014

qaumaniq –
enlightening knowledge

In order to celebrate its 40th anniversary, Association Inuksiutiit Katimajiit Inc., in collaboration with Université Laval, is glad to invite you to the 19th edition of the biennial Inuit Studies Conference. It will be held in Quebec City, October 29 - November 1, 2014, the theme of the meeting being Qaumaniq: Enlightening Knowledge.

Confined for a long time to the status of objects of science, Inuit have now become important actors and active participants in arctic research. Their participation can take several shapes: sharing knowledge, identifying and defining research questions, acting as researchers and authors, etc. Moreover, Inuit knowledge is now giving form to scientific discourse. Formerly considered as mere stories whose interest was purely ethnological, Inuit descriptions and explanations of their environment are now valorized because of their richness, their deep-reaching understanding, and their precision.

The organizers invite you to explore Inuit contributions to contemporary learning, by proposing a reflection on Inuit knowledge, scientific knowledge, and the often complex links between the two. This conference constitutes an excellent occasion to examine how knowledge is shared between researchers and Inuit, what is the impact of Inuit knowledge on scientific learning (and vice versa), what types of relations exist between researchers and Inuit during and after fieldwork, and how Inuit approach, perceive, and contribute to research.

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During the first period after the creation of the earth, all was darkness. Among the earliest living beings were the raven and the fox. One day they met, and fell into talk, as follows:“Let us keep the dark and be without daylight,” said the fox.But the raven answered: “May the light come and daylight alternate with the dark of night”The raven kept on shrieking “qau, qau” (Thus the Eskimos interpret the cry of the raven, qau, roughly as qau, which means dawn and light. The raven is thus born calling for light). And at the raven's cry, light came, and day began to alternate with night.


  • Nature, environment and knowledge
  • Inuit economy and northern development
  • Issues of governance, policy and law
  • Symbols, ethics and philosophy
  • Language and written communication
  • Education Matters
  • Health and social matters
  • History and archeology
  • Cultural practices, films, visual media
  • Other theme(s)




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Organization Commitee at Université Laval:

Louis-Jacques Dorais – retired professor of anthropology | Director of the Association Inuksiutiit Katimajiit
Thierry Rodon – political science professor | director of CIERA | chair of research on sustainable development
Najat Bhiry - geography professor | director of Centre d'Études Nordiques (Nordic Studies Center)
Gérard Duhaime - professor of sociology | chair of Canadian research commitee on comparative native condition and of Louis-Edmond Hamelin Nordic social research commitee
Frédéric Laugrand - professor of anthropology | director of "Anthropologies et Sociétés" review
Christine Barnard – Centre d'Études Nordique coordinator
Lise Fortin - Interuniversity Center for Aboriginal Studies and Research (Centre Interuniversitaire d'Études et de Recherches Autochtones - CIÉRA)
Amélie Breton - PhD student in anthropologie | co-coordinator of organizing commitee
Francis Lévesque - coordinator of research commitee on Nordic sustainable development | co-coordinator of organizing commitee

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